A new year

Ronan heading for the waves!

A little cold!

Fun, but cold!

These are pictures from our Florida trip on Thanksgiving. The water was warm, the air was cold! The boys thoroughly enjoyed the beach and the waves. We were the only ones in the water! My Aunt and cousins all had jackets on laying out in the sun. We were not about to let that salt water opportunity get away from us.

Now, a new year is here and so is the cold weather. We’ve  had snow for 3 days now; just off and on and only about an inch on the ground. The kids have been out sledding on any bit of snow or ice they can find.  All week our household has battled the flu. It literally hit everyone in the house except 2 of us! God was merciful to me (the pregnant lady) and spared me from this flu! I’m glad it’s over before the baby comes! It was a hard week, Shalom worked hard keeping the house clean, cooking for the few of us that were well, grocery shopping and running laundry. I felt very taken care of. Living together defiantly gives you the opportunity to serve each other and also learn how to let people take care of you (that can be hard sometimes when you are naturally independent).

Guess who?

Luna enjoying the cold- she didn't enjoy her gloves!

Tristan sledding

Watch out!

Well, it’s a new year and we are looking forward to new things! We feel like God has a lot for us this year… We get to start out the year with a new baby and we can feel God’s closeness to us as we journey into this year urging each other to pursue God and learn how to be better disciples! Enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed the snow!