River’s Photo shoot

Waaa!!! My little sister is going home tonight! We sure will miss her! It has been totally awesome having her here. She’s been such a help and I’ve enjoyed the time we’ve gotten together. I decided- when 2 Hartle girls are together, we have fun; when 3 Hartle girls are together we have a Blast!! Alaina, Ashley & I have had a lot of fun! Abby came over this morning and added to the saying- when 4 or more Hartle girls are together, they fight!! The other night the three of us stayed up late on the computer (since River was awake anyway) and laughed, and laughed.

So, today we had to decide- ‘what were the important last day things to do’?.  First things first- A Photo Shoot! So here are a few pictures that we did. We also weighed him today (at 10 days old) and he is 10# 4oz.  He doesn’t look very newbornish. 🙂

Wide awake!

I barely fit in the basket!

Our big Man!

Tanaya and River (She's such a little mommy with him)

Telling big brothers 'Good-night'

In my 'river' blanket from Grandma!

Got to go feed him now! He’s always hungry!


We named him!!!

Finally, a week later, we decided on his name….

River Solas Dickerson


It means ‘River of Comfort & light’ . I’ll let David tell in a gathering how we got the name. I’m just glad not to have to call him ‘little man’ or baby anymore! Although his middle name probably should have meant- ‘I sleep really well at night’ ( I wish!,.. we were up all night last night.) I started working on his birth story. Will put it up soon.

Postpartum Care!!!

Awesome help!

God takes good care of me! A couple months back I invited my younger sister Ashley to come stay with us for 2 weeks after I had the baby. Fortunately for us, she said yes and my parents said yes too! So for this past week she has been here and it has made this postpartum life adjustment a lot easier, for me and the rest of the household. She’s done my laundry, cleaned my room & bathroom, helped with kitchen clean-ups, bathed kids, entertained the boys, brought me snacks, held the baby… and the list goes on! It has been wonderful to take care of the new baby, catch up on rest and know that she is taking good care of the boys. It hasn’t been easy this week either. All three boys ended up home from school for 2 days sick with bad coughs and if you know boys, coughs may keep them out of school but does nothing to their energy level! So, I’m surprised Ashley’s stuck it out this long without going crazy. 🙂  It doesn’t just end with her. I have  wonderful house mates- Jerusha, Alaina (my other younger sister), and Shalom that keep the cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping rolling along. They keep the house quiet when I nap, make sure I have things I need from town or special foods to snack on, keep the house clean and tell me not to worry about anything! They do all this on top of … (Jerusha- pregnant, has 3 kids herself and teaches school), (Alaina- working 3 days a week, baking for the coffee shop, grocery shopping and taking voice lessons) and (Shalom- full time teacher).  Anyway, God is good to me and I feel very taken care of. It is wonderful to live this life with my friends!

Baby Boy Dickerson!

This past Tuesday- February 9th, 2010 at 8:38am we welcomed a fourth boy into our family! He weighed 10 lbs 1oz and was 21 & 1/2 inches long. He is so big he doesn’t fit in newborn clothes and now 5 days later he doesn’t fit in newborn diapers! He has dark, auburn colored hair and it’s thick enough to put a barrette in. We still don’t have a name yet, just several ideas. Wow, four boys. God must have something crazy in store for us! I can’t wait to see what this boy is like in a year or so. The birth went fine, no problems. It was a great water birth! God was very good to me. I will write about his birth once we have his name. The boys love him, Tristan can’t keep his hands off his chubby cheeks!

We love our new brother!

Morgon- 'I was right! It's a boy!'

Proud Grandparents- "He looks like a Dickerson"

Tanaya loves her new cousin!

First Bath! 'I like water!'

Father David, has many sons... and many sons has father David...

Photo of the day- 'Feed Me, can't you see I'm starving'!

Now he honestly has been sleeping during this time while I’m writing. I took that photo earlier today after his bath & cleaning his cord & he was obviously not happy! After he filled his tummy life did look much better! Speaking of his tummy, he’s stirring, got to go…