Our hike!

River having fun!

Today we went to a church with Pavao family up in Auburn. Afterwards we ate lunch together, then took Manu and Lelani hiking with us in a nearby gorge! It was a little overcast with a few visits from the sun and the wind kept us moving along. We all had a good time! The boys were sad when we had to go home. What more could you want?? Sticks, water, rocks and climbing! This place had it all!

Stand still for a picture? Why would I want to do that?! - Ronan

Fun with our friends!

Manu- "I am the highest"!

Ultimate happiness- I'm outside collecting sticks and rocks!

The fairy we found in the rocks!

Young at heart! "What will happen when I throw this stick in"?

Can I get in?

I only sit still for dad's pictures.

The cutest hiker!

The prettiest hiker!

I only posted this picture of me so you can see I'm still here, alive and well. ūüôā

It was a great day! Happy Thanksgiving! Next time I post, I will be in our new house, (no we don’t have one yet, but will soon)!


Panning for Gold!

Field trip of the week! This week I took the boys up to Hannah and Shammah’s on Thursday evening. We ate dinner with them, watched a movie and the boys slept in a tent with the kids.

On Friday we got up, ate breakfast together and we were off! We took the kids to Marshall’s State Park where they first discovered gold. It was beautiful there! The boys loved panning for gold and actually got to take some small gold particles home!

Tristan was not so much into the Real stuff. It took too much patience (something he doesn’t have), so Janelle helped him get fake rubies and fools gold. River did pretty good. He got very tired and sacked out in the stroller toward the end. Here are some pics of that field trip!

On the way there. Isn't it pretty?

The expert Gold miners

Essence of Cuteness! Don't the cheeks make you want to kiss him?!!

Apple Hill field trip

A week and a half ago, Esther and I took the boys to Apple Hill. It is an area where they have many different apple tree farms. You can buy fresh apples, pies, pick apples, look thru museums about how their farms began. We had a lot of fun, though it was a little chilly! Here are a few pictures from that day-

So yummy!

You mean I can pick another one?!

Mmmh! Munch! Yum! Don't take a picture! I'm eating!

River & Hunter riding together!

Tristan on the tractor!

Esther- keeping Hunter warm!

We had a good day. Tristan can’t read yet, so therefore he ended up on the rusty tractor that you weren’t supposed to touch or climb on. He was up before I saw him and I had to catch a picture!

Letters to home- My people

The other day I was reading a book to the boys that Yashanna gave them. It’s called ‘Matthew’s begats’ by Andrew Peterson. For some reason Ruth jumped out at me on the page where she married Boaz and begat Obed. I thought about how she left her people and joined herself to Naomi and her God and her people. Wow! She left everything she knew and God made her a part of His lineage!

I was missing home and it really encouraged me. I wasn’t really missing one particular person, just everyone. After I read to the boys, I knew what is was that I missed! My People! I am so glad that I am joined to the people of God. It is an amazing thing to be connected to people who Really do care about you! I don’t just have one best friend, I have dozens! I have 300 people who would lay down their lives for me. This is Christ in the earth, daily loving each other, encouraging each other and literally taking care of each other!

Letters to home- Encouraged!

This blog really is my everyday life. My life is a mixture of things, with God as the thread that holds me each day. I am going to periodically post letters to home (My spiritual ¬†family back in Tennessee) so they can see what’s going on. I will also be posting our everyday life and pictures of the boys (for their friends and Grandparents).

We are doing really well here in California. What is God doing? I ask that question anew each day. It’s easier than trying to see some huge, grand thing. God sees the big picture, I’m just trying to do my small part of the big picture each day. This week, God is finding us a house! We are not quite sure which one, but expect to be moving within this week. We have a fleece out for God right now. Can’t wait to see what He has for us!

A couple of days ago, I was very discouraged. Completely done with crazy ‘house search’. Anyway, my sister, Alaina text me to tell me she was trying to get into God’s word and one way she was going to do that was to find a verse for the day. Did I want her to send me that verse each day? Yes!

I have been doing fine, living each day, looking and waiting. Have been getting a little tired of living out of duffle bags, schooling out of one small bin (while running out of lined paper, envelopes, pencil sharpeners..), and having most of our stuff¬†unaccessible. Well, this day I was over it! Once more I tripped over shoes and toys to get to my room (the shoe basket is on the floor outside my room on one side and the toy basket is on the other) and couldn’t find my brush.

Then, I get this verse from Alaina (or I could say-God)- “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

Phillip 4:6-7

Wow! It lifted me right out of my fog of doubt and unbelief. I still don’t understand everything but I never met anyone who could; and His peace guarded my heart and mind that day. Seriously, my thoughts were in a complete resting place the rest of the day! We have a good God! He gives us just what we need, when we need it. Not a minute too early and never too late.

Yesterday morning, right before 6am my phone beeped. Hmm.. a new text right before my alarm went off. It was Lain’s verse for the day. “For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, they are plans for good, not disaster, to give you a future and a hope”. Jeremiah 29:11 What a reassuring way to wake up! God is not planning on disaster for me today! He actually has a future and a hope for us!!! So, yesterday I walked on the clouds all day, knowing God had plans for me. I actually stumbled across a neat house find on Craigs list that looks like it might be it! We’ll see! We are looking and God has a plan. Benayah also text me and said “there is a nugget of gold in all of this”.

God has¬†defiantly¬†been before us every day. Last Saturday we got together with Shammah, Hannah and their Chris & Emily. We sang some songs, I didn’t cry till we sang “It is You”. Our songs hit home a little too hard when I miss you guys. Shammah read a text from Jeremiah that was very encouraging. He encouraged us to look for the other Jeremiahs out here and not give up easily. Tina shared a few tidbits by phone ¬†from the gathering last week and that was very encouraging.

Thank you for everything you guys do there by pressing on to find God each day. That in turn, helps us here. Keep praying and we will tell you about any gold nuggets we find!

As time goes by…

Pretty mountains!

Our trip to get here to California took 5 days due to weather on the way. God took care of us and we had a good time along the way- even when it got a little scary!

My great traveling Boys!

View of our caravan from a small mountain climb

Pretty tree!

We took the boys to a pumpkin patch the day after we got here to expend some of their pent up ‘car energy’.

Dad getting the pumpkins ready to carve!

A quick Halloween ‘inexpensive, everything is still packed’ costume: David just painted their faces! They really enjoyed making peanut butter cookies and taking them around the neighborhood when David took them trick or treating. They had a blast, never having been before. I still think their favorite part was when a set of kids came to our door asking for treats. After that, Morgon & Tristan sat with the candy next to the door and would ¬†keep opening it to see if anyone else was coming!

Tristan helped with the cookies!

Scary Boys!





I took the boys to the park. They enjoyed rock climbing, flying saucers, dinosaurs, and of course- wood chips!!

Riding the Dinosaur

Guess who liked the wood chips?


A few days after Halloween we carved our pumpkins!

Morgon's dragon pumpkin

River! Mom said, 'Don't go near the pumpkins'!!

Ronan with his 'baby-eating' pumpkin

Tristan's was of course... a sword and a shield!

House hunting has been the main event. The boys don’t like driving around half the day. However, they do like exploring every house! They look in all the closets, explore every nook and cranny, but mostly check out the backyard!

And River… well, he loves to eat anything you give him!

Hi Naqah!

We moved to the City!

A week and a half ago our family moved to Sacramento, Ca. ¬†It has¬†definitely been an adventure so far! We are currently staying with some friends for a couple weeks while we look for a house, apartment, duplex, garage, bus, campground… to live. At least it seems like we’ve been looking everywhere for something we can afford. I realize as I write this however, that perhaps that is the problem!! We haven’t looked at what we can afford- ¬†a campground, a bus,(we do own one of those back in Selmer, Tn but I doubt it could make it this ¬†far!) ¬†etc.¬†Anyway, we believe our God is faithful and He wouldn’t call us to move here and not provide a place to live, so we are asking Him to do so.

House hunting!

My boys are 100% country kids, and that showed the first day when they scaled our back fence and ended up on the neighbor’s side. Fences are obstucals made for climbing! Whoever heard of constructing them to keep things out?! ¬†Within 2 days all 5 of Mason’s (our friend’s little boy) balls landed in 4 different neighbor’s backyards. They’ve learned about sidewalks, indoor card games, car traveling games and “No, mom Can’t take you to the park every single day”! They are doing very well with all the change even though it has gotten rough a few times with my older ones. It should be even better once we find a house, have an address, get library cards and actually have time to do real school and field trips!

Morgon in mid air!

Ronan having fun at Park Day!

Tristan- tired from rock climbing (NOT!)

We miss our family in Tennessee but are busy getting to know our new friends and becoming family here. That’s all for now. Going to try to keep this updated better, at least once a week!