Ronan’s Birthday!

Our big 7 year old!

Ronan turned 7 last week! Growing up way too fast! We had a birthday party and had Chris, Esther, Erica (our neighbor) and her boy and Gabe and Annie and the kids. Full house but a lot of wild fun! Ronan loved getting his packages from his grandparents in the mail and letters! He had carrot cake because he Loves carrots, but after he ate it I think he would have rather just had a whole raw carrot to eat! Thought I’d throw a few recent pics up here for you.

Opening his gifts!

Favorite gift!

Making Dinosaur mash cookies all by ourselves!

Walking all by myself!

Morgon reading to the boys one morning

Bath time babies after the birthday party! Aliya, Mason and River.


The day Frank came!

It was so good to see a face from the home front! We had a good day with Frank. He came back in December and spent the day with us. He took the boys to Vietnamese food store and they came home with a crab! That night we went to Victorian village, did lots of walking, froze our feet off and had good conversations in the van on the way home. This is a picture of the boys with their crab! Thank you Papa Frank! It was so yummy!

We cooked him and he turned pink!

finger licking good!

Our cute house!

Ok, so I’m finally going to give you a little tour of our cute house! God has really blessed us with this house and we are eager to give it back to Him! We are having some neighbors over for dinner on Thursday, and Sunday and others on Monday.  We’re also planning some neighborhood ideas for when it gets a little warmer. Thank you to all those who sent us some money to help! We are getting another couch this week, (still looking on Craigs list), getting some extra bedding for guests, and hopefully a folding table and extra chairs. We got a light for the living room (not hung yet, so it’s not in the pictures), some bowls, a futon couch and a couple other needs.

The front walkway

Cute front porch with a shoe shelf to make us feel more at home!

What the living room looks like full of our favorite people!

The living room drive thru window where you place your breakfast order!

Our small dining room with the pretty flowers from Frank!

Walking into the kitchen...

'Hi' from Morgon!

Cute and cozy!

The most common sight on our kitchen floor!

David's office

The boy's room

Then, our room at the end of the hall.

We try to keep him out of the bathroom, but he really likes cabinets...


On the little back porch eating their snack.

Our nice backyard!

Whew! It took 3 days for me to get these pictures on this post! Between the computer and the wi fi I was going crazy! So tonight on David’s computer it took about 2 min. (I really need to get that wi fi router!) So, here you go, you can see our cute house. Overall it’s great! Wish it had one more bathroom but then there would be one more to clean! Oh, and yes, the kitchen and dining floor looks really nice, but just ask Hannah, it is a Pain to clean! I think a guy invented slate flooring; either that or a woman who never cleaned a day in her life! David has big plans to put a fire pit and hanging lights in the back yard for having people over. Should be fun. I want to plant a few veggies along the fence, see what I can get to grow.If it’s anything like my bread making trials though it won’t get any where.

I made bread today for the second time since we’ve moved here and it only rose to the top of the bread pans… then no more! So frustrating! Same thing happened the first time! I can’t figure out if it’s a cold draft, the boys being rowdy, different elevation or dead yeast! Anyway, I was very irritated today by it- just ask David :). Such a waste of time! I think I will be buying bread for a couple weeks before I try again to find a nice day to waste some time.

Well, we’re getting the house ready to house visitors; so I hope you are getting ready to visit!……