California happenings…

The boys in San Francisco!

Well, I guess it’s been a month now since I’ve posted. Hmm… been pretty busy. My mom and little brother (not so little anymore) came out from Tennessee and stayed with us for 2 weeks! We enjoyed every moment of our time with them, from the minute they stepped off the plane till we returned them to the airport for their trip home.

We loved having Stara Mama here!

We kept pretty busy. The kids were still getting over their colds and at first they stayed home with Awesome Uncle Micaiah and did some school then had foam noodle wars in the back yard! My mom had to do some fabric shopping for my little sister’s dress for her passage into Womanhood, (we do a big celebration for the young people when they reach 18 – I can’t go into it now because it would make this blog entirely too long). Anyhow, we went to 5 or so fabric stores and found the perfect, poka dot and striped…. Just kidding. I had to put that in there in case my sister reads this. (What the dress looks like is a complete surprise to the girl)!

Our field trip of the state Capitol

Such simple things are all it takes to satisfy them!

My boys!

We went to Free Museum day here in Sacramento and loved the Railroad Museum!!! We also went to San Francisco to Fisherman’s Wharf, the awesome Golden Gate Park, drove thru China town and went to the Japanese garden and ended that day by crossing the Golden gate bridge and then zig zagging our way over to Muir beach so they could say they saw the Pacific coast! Yes, it was a very long ride home! We almost didn’t survive the whining children!

Here is David. Continually looking for... Me in San Francisco!

Occasionally we found each other!

The energizer bunny before his battery ran out- here at the Japanese Tea Garden!

Crossing the Golden Gate bridge as we leave the city.

Besides that, I took them up to Auburn, Ca to see the American river and the prettier part of Ca. Micaiah and Morgon jumped in but it was freezing cold. 🙂 You might think ‘of course, it’s winter’!, but the weather was beautiful, short sleeve and barefoot type. In fact, we had that kind of weather all the way up till 2 days before they went home!

Micaiah- freezing cold after jumping into the American River!

My climbing boy! Couldn't keep him off the rocks, you know... Boys are made for sticks, rocks, dirt and water!

Boys will be boys!

This week since they’ve been gone, I’ve been busy with school, having people over, preparing for my trip to TN, neighbors, groceries… and David’s 2 week cleanse diet! (Will post about that later:) Well, another month has come and gone in this place we now live and I feel like it went really well. God has been good to us. We continue to hold to what He has given us to do- Love God with all our hearts, share His Life and Love with those He puts in our path and love our neighbors as ourselves!

Cuddle time with Dad!



This month David and I started reading through the New Testament in Chronological order. I really have enjoyed and seen more in it, reading it this way. Definantely makes it more like reading one story rather than reading the story of Jesus 4 times.

Anyway, was reading the parable of the Sower and I guess when you read it several times you see different things in it and I wanted to share something I felt like God gave me when I read that passage. The seed that grew are the ones who heard the word with an honest and good heart, held on to it, and by endurance, bore fruit! See, some heard and Satan took it away- they didn’t hold on to it. Some believed for awhile, then quit during times of testing- they didn’t hold on to it. Some heard, then worried about things that don’t last like clothes and riches and pleasures, so they got distracted and – they didn’t hold on to it.

So, hearing is just the beginning. We must HOLD ON  to it! How? By endurance!!!

Well, this really encouraged me to hold on and endure to what God has given me to do.