God is good! All the time!

Tonight I am so tired but so completely grateful to God! We had a family of 10 come for lunch today. A homeschooling family that lives 5 minutes away. I had met the mother through a homeschool group meeting that I went to. The other day I went to her house, pulled her out on the porch and said, ‘Ok, what would you do as  a young mom, with kids and you moved to where you really didn’t have any family or friends that you knew that could babysit for you?’ She laughed and we sat on her porch for about 30 minutes talking about life and kids and such. I told her that I didn’t know how to go about finding dependable teenagers that I liked and had a relationship with except to find some and start! So, I invited their whole family over for lunch. So, that was today and it went very well. The dad couldn’t come because of work. But they have good kids and I think next week I am going to have her two teenagers over to hang out with David and I. We are finding our way, little by little. No, that’s not exactly true. God is being faithful to lead us, one day at a time and that is all we need I find.

Tonight we had a couple and their four kids over for dinner also. That is why I am a little tired. (Spent the day in my kitchen) I met this mom at a boy’s park day that I take the boys to twice a month (when we can). Their four kids are each about our boys age except they have a girl Ronan’s age (poor Ronan) :). There was something I really liked about her, the mom (Hannah) when I met her. We exchanged phone numbers and then, bam! Sickness and busyness hit and 2 months went by and I never called her to invite her over like I wanted to. Then, she noticed me at a boy’s park day last week and we talked some more. I was leaving for dental appointments and she had just arrived so I didn’t get to invite her once again! 😦  Two days later, I took the boys on  a field trip and there she was again! I watched her kids for a few minutes so she could go pay the parking meter and I thought, ‘God did this for me, I can’t miss another opportunity again’. So, I invited her and her family and that is who we had for dinner tonight!

We had a great time. Her husband could actually talk more than mine (which is a feat! I joked with her at the end and suggested she go put the kids to bed and then come back to pick him up)! They are lonely and starving for fellowship. It turns out that they just quit going to the church they were going to for several reasons. So, we’ll see. I just think it’s neat how God is putting people in our path and even when I miss what He wants  me to do the first time He keeps throwing them back in my path. 🙂 We ended up loaning them our Missions Dilemma Dvd and our ‘Raising Respectful Children in a disrespectful world’ book. So, pray for us and those we continue to cross paths with.


One response to “God is good! All the time!

  1. All the time, God is Good!
    I read your post, sorry I did not read it sooner. I can imagine how tough it is, but I know that God gave you and is giving you the strength to do exactly what you have been doing daily. And you are the perfect one for His mission. I love you a lot, and I have so much to learn from you!

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