Life is good!

We had a wonderful month of June! My youngest sister Ashley came to stay with us. We kept busy going to the river, parks, San Francisco and shopping! The weather has been very nice, some hot days but mostly just perfect ones. We ate fresh cucumbers, snap peas and green beans from the garden. Herbs are drying in my kitchen and balls of all shapes and sizes occupy our backyard. The boys are growing like weeds and have completely enjoyed having the month of June- school free!!! Reading and outdoor play have been the greatest occupations lately. We took a break from writing letters home but are ready to start up again because we miss getting letters in the mail! 🙂

Tristan was found in the garage yesterday jumping off of high objects holding his umbrella. 🙂 “It really carries me mom”, he exclaims! So, my sword fighting knight now holds yet another ambition- to become like Mary Poppins!!! You should hear him as he goes about the house singing, “I’m practically perfect in every way”! Hmm… I think our ideas on that are slightly differing Tristan. 🙂

River has decided that 3 boys in our family is quite enough so he’s taken it upon himself to become the family pet. Some days he’s the dog and others, he’s our kitten. The other morning when he woke up at 6am (yes, he’s decided since I won’t nurse him anymore his revenge would be to get up early and stay up!)  I carried him into the kitchen trying to find out what he was pointing to and wanting. He led me to the back door and barked like a dog that wants to go out! He really sounds like one too! He barks at every dog at the park and people turn and smile as my dog barks at theirs. The kitten noise is a fairly new idea.  Eeeoww, eeoww is his response to “what does a cow say?”, what does a horse say?” etc…   He does make some effort at the English language occasionally. For instance he Loves balloons in the grocery store and has finally decided that pointing is not enough for mom. “Loon, loon, loon” is louder and gets moms attention much better!  Ball, dath (bath) and mom are his other English words. He used to say dad but I think he threw that one out of his vocabulary. Too much to remember. 🙂

Things are going good here. It feels like God has some changes just around the corner for us. We are eagerly waiting on Him to see what He wants to do. In the meantime we are praying and believing. Currently we are waiting for Him to provide us with just the right van! Ours is quickly deteriorating. We’ve looked quite a bit over the past month but nothing yet. It will be neat to see what God does. Keep us in your prayers. We continue to keep all of you in our hearts and prayers also.

Now the dog is awake from his nap and wants food as usual. So, I’m off, back to Life!….


One response to “Life is good!

  1. Miss you guys a ton! It was fun getting all the pics and vids from Ashelie while she was there – and most of them were of River the dog 🙂

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