Summer is over but the sunshine is not…

It’s been awhile since I posted. Hmm..

So, July was hot but not nearly as hot as it was in TN. My sister Abby came for a week the beginning of July and that was a complete Blast!!! We went to the beach and the river of course. We laughed and we cried. We cooked and we cleaned. Altogether we just had a great time being with her and Nate and the kids!

Then, I got sick. The kind that last til you’re about 12-14 weeks along and you have a little baby pooch making your shirts stick out. So the rest of July we didn’t do much more than fill the little pool in the back yard and lay around the house.

Oh, I completely forgot!! I was blessed with the chance to fly back to TN to be there for my oldest brother’s 40 birthday party. Another brother of mine was also there and I hadn’t seen either brother in years. That was a very nice time excluding feeling sick some in the evenings.

I also got to help a midwife friend with a birth. I had not done a birth for almost a year and as a midwife it was great to be able just to go to one. (I know, that’s weird to miss going to births). Just helping and not having the responsibility of it was also very different but relaxing.

So August is here and with it came ‘back to school’. We started back on the 15th and also had 2 birthdays in the family the same week. Was a little bit crazy. School has been fun so far. We have new and different curriculum and some new and different challenges thrown in the mix. Tristan started Kindergarten so keeping River occupied has been, err, fun? The first week was the hardest and we are still finding our way so things are getting better. Tristan plays with him some of the time (his schooling takes an hour at the most). Still, River would rather that mom could pay 100% attention to him all morning. Let’s just hope he doesn’t gain too much weight for his age because food is about the only thing that will keep him occupied when Tristan can’t play. 🙂

I am 14 weeks pregnant. It’s going to be a boy or a girl. 🙂 Not sure if we want to know yet which is fine since we can’t tell what it is yet anyway. We found some great midwives and feel like God is making a way for us to have them help with the birth. We just did a consult with them. I’m about to set  up my first prenatal. It was fun to meet with them and they went out of their way to see how they could help us. God is good.

Larry and Charlotte and kids are here to spend a week with us. This has been great so far and we are on our first day. The boys so enjoy having other children here, they don’t care how old they are. Tristan loves Evan and Ronan and Kathrine play great. Maybe by the end of their time here River will have learned how to share… with Sean! We stayed up late last night just talking our heads off. Seemed like we were trying to catch up as fast as we could in just a few hours. Today we laid low, went to a ladies breakfast, let the kids play with my cake decorating tips and use up the leftover frosting for art. Then the guys washed the vans with the kids and all involved got wet. Now it’s nap time so we ‘catch up’ on sleep before our weekly get-together tonight.

That’s all for now. Will post some pics later…