Monthly Menu Plan

It’s late here and I know this is a boring post but I had a couple requests for it. So, here it its.

I wrote a menu theme for the dinners for each night, then for each week I changed up what we were having a little. Once I did the themes, coming up with the menu was easy.


Mon- Beef/Mexican

Tue- Chicken meal

Wed- Italian night

Thur- Soup/Crockpot

Fri- Salad and bread

Sat- Fish/Breakfast dinner/Leftovers

Sun- Casserole/ or a Bar- like baked potato bar, or burrito bar (we do a potluck at our Sunday gatherings so I usually do something to feed a crowd and then we just eat leftovers for dinner.


Ok, then I defined how it would look for the month of November so here is my personal menu…

Week 1

Mon- Stirfry

Tue-Chicken tortillia soup

Wed- Pizza and salad

Thur- Clam chowder- homemade

Fri- Apple, onion, feta salad w/ bread

Sat- Breakfast dinner – bacon, eggs, asparagus and hot apple cider

Sun- Baked Potato bar

Week 2

Mon- Beef bourguignon

Tue- Chicken fingers and sweet potato fries

Wed- Spaghetti over zuchinni

Thur- Zuppa Tuscana

Fri- Grilled chicken salad

Sat- Fish tacos

Sun- Burrito Bar

Week 3

Mon- Stew

Tue- Chicken cordon bleu

Wed- Pizza

Thur- Chicken and wild rice soup

Fri- 3 cheese salad

Sat- Cream cheese patties with rice and veggie (yes, a Hartle meal every once in a while won’t hurt)

Sun- Presto Pasta bake

Week 4

Mon- Taco salad

Tue- Sticky coconut chicken with rice

Wed- Quinoa lasagna

Thur- Irish Potato soup

Fri- Asian chicken salad

Sat- Fish, rice and steamed veggies

Sun- Chicken and yellow rice

That’s mostly it. I do grab extra veggies to have on hand for side dishes. And I know what you’re thinking ” Why fish/ breakfast/ leftover night???” Well, first of all any of those are easy, fast ideas for your ‘I’ve been gone all day Saturday and I still have to go home and feed everybody’ thought. And, you can have fish in the freezer and not use it if you need to eat up the leftovers, or… everyone usually has stuff on hand for a breakfast dinner.

Oh and I have a basic outline for breakfast and lunch ideas that I switch up a little week to week.


Scrambled eggs and fruit

Oatmeal/ hot cereal

French toast/Pancake or anything of that nature

Fried eggs/egg sandwiches

Green smoothies with toast or muffins

Cereal day!!

Granola and yogurt

Nicer egg day- breakfast burritos, casserole or omelets



Tuna/Salmon melts

Stir fry with leftover rice and veggies

Tomato soup with grilled cheese

PB & J’s or Pb and honey and banana sandwiches

Snack lunch- cheese, veggies, rice cakes, pepperoni, fruit, popcorn or whatever I have on hand.

Lunchmeat sandwiches- grilled with spinach is yummy!

Enjoy! We’re having pizza tomorrow night. Sounds good but beware when you make your menu not too make too many extravagant ( I mean long preparation time) meals. Hope this helps on a ‘late night before shopping, I have no ideas for meals’ night.


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