Grateful hearts

Very grateful for this past year. I was thinking today of all that has happened this past year. Our move to California, getting this cozy little house, meeting new people, enrolling the boys in the Charter school, lots of people came to visit, our trips to the Village and this new baby on the way. Wow! There’s more I’m sure that I’m forgetting to mention.

This time last year we drove up to Auburn, Ca to have Thanksgiving dinner with the Pavao family. It was such a blessing (not to mention the fun!) to have them out here. I never would have made it without having them here our first 2 months. God was very gentle with me. I remember it being so hard. My first year celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas without family and lots of friends. The first in 10 years of marriage. I told David last year that it felt like I finally grew up, got married and moved away and I didn’t like it at all! So, having the Pavaos really made that hard thing a lot easier.

This year the apples are is season at Apple Hill, we went and picked Manderin oranges in Auburn, the boys are raking big leaf piles, my tiny pink flowers in my front bed have returned and my memories of our outings with Shammah, Hannah and the kids waft through the air like pumpkin pie (though I think they like cherry best:). God is good, all the time!

Today as I worked on making dinner I just felt grateful from the depths of my being. The boys were all in the backyard playing soccer with 5 of the neighbor kids. Loud shouts and laughter could be heard by all the neighbors I’m sure. Then, they were off! All bikes and scooters drug out of the garage. It was fun to hear them tell their friends, “You can ride my bike and I’ll ride the scooter”.  This Thanksgiving no family will be here with us, yet it all feels right. We miss home and would Love it if family or friends were here but I’m very grateful for what God has given us. This year we have made friends, we have awesome neighbors and there is no lack! So, we are making food for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow and might find a few homeless to share it with, who knows. I’m sure David will blog about it. 🙂 It’s not stressful at all, food will be eaten when it is ready and then sometime in the evening we are going to go to a friends house for yummy hot drinks!

We are also very grateful and anxiously awaiting Stephen and Ayala and family moving here with us in January! Glad we have Thanksgiving, a wedding, Christmas and moving to a new house to keep us busy til then.

Anyway, the main reason I wanted to post was to put up a few recent pictures so you could see what we’ve been up to. A picture is worth a thousand words, so Enjoy!

Our thankful tree

A few fall decorations in our 'drive thru' window.

River likes to read!

Or, be read to... Yes, Tristan Is actually reading!

He also Loves to draw! "Mommy, I wanna pencil"? is a most frequently asked question.

A man I am most grateful to have as my friend, my husband and the father of my boys!


3 responses to “Grateful hearts

  1. That is wonderful, all the blessings that God has given you guys! And I love the pictures. Especially the one of all the boys 🙂 That’s awesome that Tristan is reading! How old is he? love you guys so much!

  2. Ugh! Just seeing this! I need notices when you blog!! I LOVE the pics– the one with all your men is a classic! LOVE it. Aw!!! I miss you all!!

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