Expecting a new addition!

We are eagerly awaiting a new member to our household as my due date approaches!! Our midwives came for a homevisit a couple weeks ago and now the time is just around the corner! I’ve been busy the past two weeks shopping for some last minute things on my birth list, sewing those last few projects, putting up curtains in my room and getting stuff washed and ready for the big day. Now that I’m ready, I’m realizing I need to spend this last week or so being with my boys, giving my husband a little extra attention, relaxing and being content in the moment- waiting for God’s perfect time. I always find as the day of birth draws near, I draw nearer to God. I need Him all the time, I just don’t realize it sometimes because I like to be strong. I like to take care of myself. However, He makes me weak. He makes me needy. He takes care of me so much better than I can take care of myself. This past year has made me need Him more than ever and I’ve gotten to see Him take care of me time and time again! He’s a good Father and I’m glad He makes me weak. I’m glad because then the strength I have is all His! His strength can work in me.

Oh, and this was neat! For this birth David and I went to a couple childbirth classes. One of the nights each of the couples were asked to draw a picture of what they saw when they think about their upcoming birth. I’m not an artist and to top it off, we had to draw it with our non-dominant hand. We had to draw it and not look at each other’s pictures. What was neat is when we were done and exchanged pictures David and I had both felt the same word- “Surrounded”. Which is kinda strange, seeing as this birth will be our first birth so far away from friends, family and familiarity. I just feel closely surrounded by God right now though so I guess it shouldn’t be strange.

Here are a few pictures of what we’ve been getting ready….

Boy or Girl? Surprises are fun though inclination leans towards- boy.

The boy’s picked out the boy receiving blanket fabric, can’t you tell? Monsters!!

Changing table

The cloth diaper drawer

A little bit of pink, a little bit of blue...

And so… any day now. We’ve already joined the Due Dates and Beyond club! Just waiting, which isn’t so hard when you still feel great and you stay busy!




Answered Prayers!

God gave us a wonderful new house in the 11th hour! It was so worth it to believe, He knows just what we need and when we need it. So, the story of our house…

Our circular driveway

Things were starting to look rough- no house, our lease ending, Stephen and Aya headed out to cram in with us (the only tough part there was the being pregnant and sharing 1 bathroom with 11 people) and my mommy nesting instincts starting to brew with no thought of where my nest is. 🙂 I was doing really good til right before Stephen and Aya got here. I told myself ‘ Mary rode a donkey til she went into labor and what about her nesting instincts?? The Son of Man had no place to lay His head and here I am worried about where I’m going to lay mine in the future and I actually Have a place right now. I was sure God was going to pull through! Then, my puny human brain started to think that He forgot about us. Maybe He doesn’t want us out here, that’s fine, let’s go home. I was just ready for something to happen and it was the 11th hour and seemed like all was quiet. Only the fact that David was still solid and confident that God had something in the works for us helped me.

Then, Bang! Stephen and Aya pull up Sunday afternoon! We were so happy to see their faces and they were happy to be off the road. David got a call Sunday evening from Jan to see if we wanted to come see the house Monday morning. They were here only a couple of hours and we had a house to go see. However, my pea-sized brain just saw it as “the beginning of house search with them”. We had been on house search since Ingathering, and we saw this certain house a week earlier. So, Monday morning we piled in the vehicles and went to see the house. We were there maybe 10 min and the guys were talking about the lease and when we could move in! We drove home, ate lunch, then the guys went and signed the lease! I was in shock. It was the 12th hour it felt like but right then- here He was!
Tuesday and Wednesday Aya helped me pack up my little house and meanwhile Stephen went to his interview and got the job!  Thursday morning the guys took a couple loads over to the house while Katie and Tim came and helped Aya and I with the remaining packing… moving things and taking apart the Big stuff. Aya and I went shopping for a couple necessities and picked up some pizzas for dinner while the guys were putting beds up and unloading.  By Thursday evening Rick joined us all at our new house and we all ate dinner together. It was late, boxes were piled everywhere and we were all pretty tired but man, it was a Good day!
So, we live in a 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom house with a good-size livingroom and dining room and plenty of space for everyone to come over! Plus, we were given a trampoline (net, pads and all in good condition), an above ground swimming pool that the babies can’t get into, a cement pad area with a basketball hoop and a fooseball table for the garage!! Oh, and it has a circular driveway out front! One of my friends said she was praying for that and a porch swing. So, now we’re just waiting for the porch swing. 🙂
Ayala and I are having a great time schooling the kids together. We’ve had our issues trying to figure out how to do that effectively with 5 schooling children, 2 teachers, different grade levels and 2 toddlers. We are finding our way though and it’s much smoother now and we’re learning how to flex together and it really has been nice to tag team school some and have a girl-friend to school alongside of. Not to mention, cooking or cleaning alongside of!!
God is good and I’m blessed that He chose me!
Well, here are some promised pictures of our new house….


Looking from the kitchen into the dining room with the living room beyond

Living room with sliding door to back yard to the left and boy's and Aya's bedroom off to the right.

Aya and Stephen's room

The boy's room

Girl's room

Long hallway leading to office and our room and bathroom. The pantry, laundry room and boy's bathroom is right off of the hallway.

When you walk in the front door the kitchen is directly to your left or you can go straight to the hall way and take a left to the dining room or a right towards my room. You can also get to the dining room once you walk thru the kitchen.

Boy's bathroom! River Loves the elephants!

My room. Has sliding glass door that goes into the back yard. River likes the direct access to check and make sure I'm still 'there'.

My new quilt and the dragonflies that remind us to Believe!

The corner that awaits our new little family member!

The basketball court that is right outside the sliding door in the living room.

Standing by the pool looking at back of the house

Standing at edge of basketball court looking into the backyard.

So grateful for our trampoline!!!